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Hi! Welcome to the beautiful world of the artist Daniel (also known as eccentric Danny). This section, along with others, is to give each viewer a more in depth look into the mind of the creator, his process, and works involve. Click on images to inquire pricing. All works are original paintings 


Reddi is a small playful work that embodies emotion that shows a sense of freedom from a space that can be perceived as chaotic. Most things are perceived as black and white but things are much more taboo as we learn different things through our experiences in life.

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Operation: Urban Renewal

Eccentric Danny’s character ECNTRC is seen given a twist to the popular children’s game whilst giving an introspective look at the urban neighborhood. The piece details different illness/hindrance that lie within those communities both systematically, and unconsciously. Highlighted are some issues like the 13th amendment, media influence, air pollution, malt liquor /alcohol and mental illness to name a few .An “M” for melanin sign is placed at the bottom to represent the black and brown demographic  of said Community to future connect the reality of this piece. The primary objective of the artist  is to point out deliberate systematic issues occurring within these communities that derail the growth and advancement of the urban resident.


To inquire works please email: or visit the shop page if artwork is  available to purchase on site

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